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The European AOG Loan Borrow Forum (EALBF) is an open community of airline members sharing and discussing ways to improve AOG’s & loan and borrow processes to maximize operational reliability with cost effective solutions. As a non-profit organization, the EALBF focuses on establishing contacts between members through regular Forum meetings. The Forum is a proven process that facilitates the discussion of common loan & borrows management practices by sharing day to day concerns in coping with operational and administrative problems.

The structure of the EALBF is a proven process that will assist in resolving differences in interpretation of common and shared processes while effectively supporting aircraft reliability and cost reduction.

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The EALBF steering committee members share the values that guide the Forums common objectives.

  • Meet your loan/borrow counterparts from other airlines.
  • Share issues and problems an open way, so everyone can contribute to solutions.
  • Welcome all member input, comment or opinion.
  • Discuss ways to improve communication among members.
  • Better understand loan release approval and return process and discuss operational issues.
  • Never have any Forum discussions or meetings regarding pricing, schedules, rates or terms that would result in a breach of any Anti-Trust laws.
  • Generate multiple opportunities to network.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of other airlines requirements and issues.
  • Establish and maintain valuable contacts.
  • Help Forum growth and facilitate new participations and contributions.

EALBF 2018

7th Annual Event

18th - 20th September

Zürich, Switzerland
Hosted by

Steering Committee & Founding Members

Jan de Wall

Head of Loan and Exchange AOG Services

Tele: +49-40-5070-65043
Email: Jan.deWall@lht.dlh.de

Vincent Mével

Loans & Sales Front Office Manager

Tele: + 33 (0) 1 41 56 01 01
Email: vimevel@airfrance.fr

Kulwant Jagpal

Team Lead Aftermarket, Harvesting and Disposals

Tele: +44 208 562 0703
Email: Kulwant.jagpal@ba.com

Kevin A. Wyant

Director Business Development

Tele: +1-916-797-8945
Email: kwyant@AviationConcepts.com

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