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The European AOG Loan Borrow Forum (EALBF) is an open community of airline members sharing and discussing ways to improve AOG’s & loan and borrow processes to maximize operational reliability with cost effective solutions. As a non-profit organization, the EALBF focuses on establishing contacts between members through regular Forum meetings. The Forum is a proven process that facilitates the discussion of common loan & borrows management practices by sharing day to day concerns in coping with operational and administrative problems.

The structure of the EALBF is a proven process that will assist in resolving differences in interpretation of common and shared processes while effectively supporting aircraft reliability and cost reduction.

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The EALBF steering committee members share the values that guide the Forums common objectives.

  • Meet your loan/borrow counterparts from other airlines.
  • Share issues and problems an open way, so everyone can contribute to solutions.
  • Welcome all member input, comment or opinion.
  • Discuss ways to improve communication among members.
  • Better understand loan release approval and return process and discuss operational issues.
  • Never have any Forum discussions or meetings regarding pricing, schedules, rates or terms that would result in a breach of any Anti-Trust laws.
  • Generate multiple opportunities to network.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of other airlines requirements and issues.
  • Establish and maintain valuable contacts.
  • Help Forum growth and facilitate new participations and contributions.

EALBF 2019

8th Annual Event

17th - 19th September

Prague, Czech Republic
Hosted by

Steering Committee & Founding Members

Jan de Wall

Head of Loan and Exchange AOG Services

Tele: +49-40-5070-65043
Email: Jan.deWall@lht.dlh.de

Vincent Mével

Loans & Sales Front Office Manager

Tele: + 33 (0) 1 41 56 01 01
Email: vimevel@airfrance.fr

M-Ata Chaudhry

Engineering Commercial & Supply Chain

Tele: +44 (0) 208 562 5465
Email: m-ata.chaudhry@ba.com

Javier E. Maudet

Director – Sales & Marketing

Tele: +1-786-338-3787
Email: jmaudet@aviationconcepts.com


Frank Entrich | Lufthansa Technik AG
In this forum different airlines and suppliers are represented and topics around the AOG are introduced and discussed. It is possible to discuss open topics in 1:1 discussions with the other participants/companies, e.g. from the ordering process to the completion of this process. Beyond that the strength of the forum consists of maintaining direct contacts to other AOG Desk coworkers of other enterprises.
These are SCA topics, i.e. single component availability. This means avoiding AOG cases through loans, exchanges or sales, unless contractually agreed otherwise.
Petr Hutla | Smartwings, a.s.
The best logistics oriented event ever. The extension of your contacts network and increase of AOG solving knowledge has never been easier. Great atmosphere, perfect organization and nice people. Simply outstanding experience. We’ve had a chance to verify in practice, how powerful the new friendships are. To attendance of the EALBF should be mandatory for all clever logistics managers!
Paul Randhawa | AIR CANADA
Air Canada has been very fortunate to be a part of the EALBF conference for the last 5 years.  Over the span of two days, the conference not only provides insight into really complex AOG scenarios, but also provides the most up-to-date information to help resolve such scenarios – which could otherwise be impossible to resolve. Truly a great event that is very well organized.
David Kerr | Virgin Atlantic
"A well orchestrated get together of Airlines and Vendors that proves itself year on year.  A highlight of the Aviation events calendar."
Sebastien Bontemps | AIR FRANCE
I am happy to have taken part in the lasts 5 EALBF's conferences, as participant, hosting airline, and finally part of steering comitee at the end.

That is what makes the EALBF a success for me is :
- a conference organized on a human scale where everybody have the opportunity to know everybody, creator of real relationship
- the proposed format on 2 days, an efficient combinaison of group meetings for common topics, individual meetings during the rountables, visit of hosting airline facilities without forgetting night events proposed.
- an airline's community of operationals who are facing the same difficulties without vendor pressure
- the small fees, everething is paid by the sponsors, only the trip and hotel room are at your airline expenses

Every year, the number of attendees growing which is the best sign of appreciation/reconnaissance.
I would say that it is a great way to make good contacts and meet people face to face, the one on one break out sessions are very beneficial. And they are always a lot of fun and well planned.
Jean-Yves Masse | AIR FRANCE
When we founded EALBF with our European colleagues, we had in mind to create a way to have L&B officers and managers to meet, openly talk and exchange on their daily businesses. I actually found much more in the process: learn new approaches on things I had taken for granted, create and entertain a valuable network of useful contacts and settle things with people I had never been in contact with except through mails and phone calls! Always keep in mind that constantly people change, organizations evolve, processes are revised, A/C fleets are renewed. You never meet counterparts often enough. Organized around open forum sessions mixed with bilateral talks, EALBF is the most efficient way to explain how you work, learn how other airlines do, open talks, solve issues, grow your network, improve your knowledge and simply be part of a community happy to gather and welcome new members.
Kevin Edgerton | easyJet
Thank you for inviting easyJet to get involved in this Forum. As we all met in the Hotel lobby on Day 1, and I could see how warmly everyone greeted eachother, I said to my colleague Simon, this feels like a club we have just joined, and we were made to feel very welcome by both the airlines and suppliers alike. I was particularly impressed by the way everyone got involved in the presentations and group discussions, and there was a wide range of topics discussed with some great expertise in the room. My expectation is that my new contacts (hopefully I can call them friends now!) will be a useful source of information and advice over the coming months until we all meet again at next years event. In our industry, time is critical and the EALBF makes good use of every moment, whether that is supplier presentations, one-to-one sessions, or just general networking, a great event which I’d thoroughly recommend.
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